Cattery and holiday pampering
for your cats
“Cats in the Cradle” is a small family run cattery in the Pinetown area. If you require a loving, friendly environment for the feline members of your family to vacation whilst you are away whether for a day, week, month or year, you can relax knowing that your pampered pets are warm, well-fed and cared for with us.



We approach taking care of your cat as if it was our own. We want you to entrust us with your cat knowing that we providing a loving, home from home experience.  We will even tuck them in at night!


We are open by appointment only to maintain a relaxed and caring atmosphere.


Max ~ One of our happy guests








Our Facilities ~ Tender Loving Care

We are close to a veterinary clinic and also have access to 24 hour veterinary care. 

All the homes are carpeted with easy cleaning carpet tiles, have igloo beds and are furnished with cat scratching posts and toys which will keep even the most active cat occupied.

We currently have 19 rooms which are each at least 1 metre wide, 1.3 metres deep and 1.8 metres high.

During the day the rooms are bathed in plenty of natural light and night lights are provided to help your cat settle into its new surrounds.

Covers are dropped during the night and bad weather to keep your cats warm and dry.

All our feline guest accommodation is cleaned every day.

We supply veterinary recommended Hills Science Plan or Royal Canin pellets, if your cat(s) prefer something else please supply it.

Water is supplied in stainless steel bowls.

If permitted, we like to give our guests lots of cuddles and TLC.

Start your holiday knowing your cat(s) are safe and well cared for.


Feline Details


Feline guests must be over six months of age.

Proof of vaccination is required.   We recommend that you consult with your vet to discuss any specific needs your pet has prior to visiting.

All guests must be flea-free.

We do not accept any pet with stitches, casts, splints or wearing a headcone.  We cannot accept any pet that is pregnant or in heat. 

If we feel your pet requires medical attention during his or her stay, we will consult with one of our area veterinarians.

You may bring your cat’s favourite bed or blanket if you prefer.


The current rate is R70.00 per cat per night, payable in advance.  We prefer payment by EFT, but will accept cash.  If paying by EFT, please use your name as the reference.





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