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Delivery / Collection:

Cats can be delivered/collected between 07h00 and 08h30 or between 16h00 and 17h30.  Although discouraged, collection/delivery outside of these hours can be organised by special pre-arrangement.

Cat(s) to be transported in a secure cat carrier. Please do not carry your cat in your arms. Like children, they are unpredictable and can run off when you least expect it!

Discount cannot be given if you return before the stated date of collection.

If you cannot collect your cat(s) yourself, please inform us and ensure that the person you send will be able to handle your cat(s) and has written consent from you to collect.


Medication / Veterinary Care:

We supply veterinary recommended Hills Science Plan or Royal Canin pellets, if your cat(s) prefer something else please supply sufficient for the duration of their stay.

Cats will not be accepted who are on medication for life threatening illnesses or have been diagnosed with infectious diseases.

We will give tablets for basic treatment, if they can be crushed and put into the food.

If we suspect a cat is ill we will seek veterinary advice and care.  The owner will pay any associated veterinary account in full. 

We will attempt to contact you should we feel the need to take your cat to a clinic, but reserve the right to use our judgement in such cases.  Your cat's welfare is our priority.

Whilst every care is taken with your pets, we cannot be held liable for any illness, injury or fatality that may occur during your catís stay with us.

If your cat shows any signs of illness and we have to visit a vet, we charge a minimum of R195.00 for visiting the vets to cover our costs of petrol, time and telephone calls.


Elderly / Disabled Cats:

We reserve the right to refuse a cat, if they are very old/frail or ill. (A boarding cattery is primarily for looking after healthy cats).

We are not qualified for looking after cats that need specialised nursing.


Opening Times

We pride ourselves that we are a small caring cattery, putting the catís welfare before profit, therefore we do not open all day.

Many cats are very nervous of strangers. People continually coming and going all day does upset the cats. We find that our opening times of early mornings and late afternoons helps the cats to settle quietly. Please adhere to these times.
The current rate is R70.00 per cat per night, payable in advance by cash or EFT.   If paying by EFT, please use your name as the reference. If the stay exceeds your original booking, all extra nights must be paid for before collecting your cat(s).

If you extend the stay of your cat(s) for two weeks or more and make no payments towards this, your cat(s) will be considered as abandoned.  As such, the future of the cat(s) will be at our sole discretion.  Further, we will take legal steps to recover any monies fairly due to us.  Any costs incurred doing this will be for your account.

 If you have any feedback on how we can make our new website better please do contact us. We would like to hear from you. 
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